First blot

December 1st, 2006

I’ve a childhood memory of the perfection of new notebooks; the smooth silky white pages, the neat cover design, the precision-machined shape. Then I’d make my first mark – an unskilled little drawing or some scrawny handwriting – and this perfection would be ruined forever. So I’d put off this moment of disappointment for as long as possible. But once, finally, this damage was done I’d then be free to fill up the book in as messy a way as I liked.

Well this is my shiny new blog and that childish feeling is with me. I don’t want to start until all ideas are clear in my head and until I can map out the future structure of all arguments and discussions in their entirety. But, of course, if anything will it’s the blogging itself that will help me to get this thinking straight. So I can’t put things off any longer: this is the first blot. The rest of the mess will follow shortly.

4 responses

  1. leon comments:

    Hi there!

    Very nice looking blog you got, will check it out often. Get an RSS button on the side there so us bloggers can be kept up to date automatically.;)

  2. thortz comments:

    Thanks for the encouragement, I need to start letting pepole know I exist now that I’ve finally put one or two articles up. I’m not too up on RSS stuff but I think that the Posts and Commnets links in the footer, and the Feed link in the gray bar below the individual posts should provide RSS feeds for various purposes. Roll over the links to see the details, And let me know if you think I’m doing it wrong! Cheers.

  3. justforfun comments:

    Thortz- It would be useful, when coming to your opening page, to see at a glance which articles had had a response and a date for that response. If that info was also a link to the actual comment threat, that would be great.


  4. thortz comments:

    Yes, I take your point. Since I hate clutter I chose this somewhat stripped-down theme to work with but it is minimal in functionality as well as design. I’ll add some useful features such as this soonish, but for the moment my priority is finding time, energy, and brain power to get some more writing done. There’s been a gap in the schedule as I finally decided a long piece I was preparing was utter tosh and so had to bin it!

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