Skimmed Milk

The WordPress theme (software) that creates the look and feel of this site is called Skimmed Milk. I developed it by recoding White As Milk by Azeem Azeez and he should take the credit for its elegantly simple design. If you’re not a WordPress blogger then what follows is unlikely to be of much interest to you, but if you are one and this minimal theme appeals then you’re very welcome to pick up a copy of the latest version here:

This theme requires that your WordPress installation is at least at version 2.3. If you’re running an older version of WordPress then you should use one of the previous two releases of Skimmed Milk available below. And if you’d like a version in Danish or Dutch then read on.

[Note this theme previews blank in WP2.6 although it works fine. Until WordPress come up with a fix a workaround is available below.]

Installing themes is easy: WordPress provide full instructions, but basically just open up the zip file and put the resulting folder (with its contents, of course) into the wp-content/themes folder of your site and turn it on in the presentation/themes page of your admin panel. You can then configure widgets for your sidebar using the presentation/widgets panel if you like. The widgets with names starting with Skimmed are specially designed to fit in with this theme.

Feel free to modify the code if and as you wish: I only request that you leave the link to Skimmed Milk in the footer, or at least politely reference the heritage of your theme somewhere if it’s heavily altered. And, of course, do continue do let me know if any of this is either appreciated or requires repair.


What’s new in 1.2?

Skimmed Milk 1.2 (which requires WordPress version 2.3 or later) is a minor update to 1.1. The look is identical except for the sidebar (and therefore the whole page) being a touch wider. The biggest news is that the theme now displays tags with posts, tag support having been integrated into wp2.3. A Skimmed tag cloud widget is also included that offers a little more control over sizes than the default one.

The other major change is that the internationalisation (which I thought I’d done in 1.1) is now fixed and tested. Many thanks to Guy Sie in the Netherlands for pointing out how I’d screwed this up in 1.1. If you wish to localise the theme (translate it into your own language) you don’t have to alter any of the files; instead you use the arcane ways of gettext to create a .mo file for your language or dialect. A template file (skimmed.pot) is provided to start you on your journey. Only left-to-right languages are catered for by my style sheet, though.

Going Dutch

Guy Sie has made his Dutch language translation available here. First obtain and install SM1.2 as normal, then download the files linked from Guy’s page and place these in the skimmedmilk1.2 folder. Actually, only the .mo file is really necessary; the .po file is a text file you could use to create a variant Dutch version. To switch on the translation you need to edit your wp-config.php file to alter your WPLANG definition line to read:
define ('WPLANG', 'nl_NL');

Great Danes

And now (in March ’08) a new Danish translation is kindly being made available by Mads, and my Danish isn’t so good but I get the impression that another Danish version is ready for the taking here. Seems Danish translations are like busses; you wait for ages then two come along at once!

What about 1.1?

Skimmed Milk 1.1 (requiring WordPress 2.1 or later) is a fairly extensive reworking of 1.0 but the look of pages rendered with it should be little changed from the previous version other than the columns being a fraction wider in order to accommodate embedded YouTube videos (or any other 425-pixel-wide objects for that matter). Download it from here:

The most exciting change is that you can now use Widgets (integrated into WordPress in version 2.2) to place items such as a calendar or a recent comments list into your sidebar. Three Skimmed Milk variants of standard widgets are supplied for enhanced compatibility: Skimmed archives, Skimmed calendar and Skimmed search. The archives widget can show yearly archives as well as an optionally limited number of months. There are hundreds of third-party widgets to choose from too.

Pages print better, especially from IE and Firefox, and they print without the sidebar and other interactive clutter that is of little use on paper.

Some “attachments”, such as large images or video or audio files should now be presented more appropriately, although I think WordPress’s support for these is a little confusing and half-hearted as yet.

The code has been fully internationalised [er.. actually not, see 1.2 above], so that anyone wishing to create a non-English version (or just a differently phrased one) should be able to do so without hacking a single one of my files. Repeated chunks of code have been abstracted into functions in the new functions.php file so easing further customisation. Finally, in the interests of modernity I’ve tried to seek out and update calls to deprecated functions (hence the requirement for WordPress 2.1+).

And the original, 1.0?

If you like living in the past, the 1.0 version and the story of its creation are both available here.

82 responses

  1. Alex comments:

    Hi Thortz,

    I’d like to pick your brain about screen resolution and floating (aka. dynamic, liquid, expanding) layouts. Your CSS seems to be entirely based on the font size (em) and browser width percentiles. That’s brilliant, I must admit.

    Now, with the new Firefox 3, current IE 7, and old Opera, it is possible to proportionally scale an entire page including graphics. It might therefor make sense to unravel your brilliance and use fixed or expanding content widths and fixed font sizes.

    Case and point. I’ve got a tiny laptop monitor relative to its 1920 pixel width. I actually set the minimum browser font to somewhere between 16 and 20 pixels (no, I’m not blind, I don’t adjust the font size on desktop monitors). CSS based on a relative em-size works pretty well, but it’s misleading with images. I’m considering using min, max in pixels and width in percent as soon as Firefox 3 beta (with Cairo) is released, perhaps mid-September 2007.

    Thoughts Thortz?

  2. thortz comments:

    Hi Alex

    I’m no css expert. The incompatibilities between various browsers and especially different platforms make trying to create the perfect page for everyone somewhat tricky. I followed the font-size-multiple route as that seemed to be the consensus for greatest compatibility. But it does mean that one has to simply test to find what actual pixel widths the columns tend to be in different browsers, and I somewhat fudged it so all(?) would show a 425-wide youtube vid without crushing. In theory this approach is designed exactly to deal with unusual resolutions such as yours, but you are right that images and other objects that still have dimensions specified in pixels muck up this plan.

    Don’t forget that you’re designing for everyone’s browsers not just your own, so do test what your version looks like on non-scaling ones, or on a Mac. And do pixel-sized-fonts print similarly on different platforms? I don’t know the answers but I’d be happy to hear if you find any.

  3. Guy Sie comments:

    Hey thortz, I love the theme and I’m using it on my site. I’ve got a question about your internationalization settings though… I was screwing around with it (my site is Dutch) and not getting it working, until I tried adding a load_theme_textdomain(‘skimmed’) and changed a string to use this textdomain (ie __(‘test’) becomes __(‘test’,”skimmed”)). It then loaded my file and translated that string.

    Did you forget to add the textdomain to the theme or am I going about it all wrong? At this point I’m going to have to add the textdomain to all the strings, which still means editing every file – which we were kinda trying to avoid.

  4. thortz comments:

    Hi Guy

    Oops! My i18n attempt has so far been rather theoretical (er.. untested). I thought I’d done everything required by using __(‘blah’) etc everywhere, but it looks like you’re right and I should be using something like __(‘blah’, ‘skimmed’). I hadn’t noticed the brief note about text domains for themes and plug-ins.

    I’m not going to have time to fix this today. But when the final WP2.3 is out in a few days, I’ll do a 1.2 version and adjust all the strings accordingly (as I think I need to add support for new tag functionality anyway). On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry and you do the edit on 1.1 – I’d be very grateful if you could zip it & mail it to me :-)

    Good to see an attempt at localising – but sorry I messed up my part in it!

  5. Guy Sie comments:

    No problem. It was a first time thing for me too :) I mailed you my files. Good luck with version 1.2!

    PS SM 1.1 runs just fine on WP 2.3RC1, but I haven’t bothered using the tags yet.

  6. thortz comments:

    Thanks for the files & notes Guy, that was quick!

    I’ll try to get a tag-friendly i18n-done-right version 1.2 out within a week. If anyone passing by has any requests for features or fixes now is the time to let me know!

  7. Philipp comments:

    You could also add a small tag cloud in your sidebar. I am also modifying the wordpress white as milk theme. I just have to get the margin issues right. :)
    Any tips?
    CU philipp

  8. thortz comments:

    Hi Philipp

    I suspect there’ll be a 3rd party widget to do tag clouds if its not already in 2.3 (haven’t had a chance to look yet). And sorry, can’t remember what margin issues there were in WaM to offer any tips.

  9. thortz comments:

    1.2 out now, and even with a tag cloud too.

  10. Finalfire comments:

    Hey there, grats for your theme, i have been used it from more time :)

  11. lindsay comments:

    Hi there, small point, but I find your comment type size a tad small, hard to read, means I have to press my nose up to the screen…so to speak…Otherwise, very nice, CLEAN. Cheers, c

  12. thortz comments:

    Yup, know what you mean about the font as I’m starting to wear glasses myself. BUT I do prefer the look, and larger text is only a keystroke away (command+ on a Mac). Otherwise, enjoy the warmth of the screen while you’re up close. Cheers.

  13. an9ie comments:

    This is a great theme, classic and simple, I’m looking forward to using it in a website for my business from home, and will of course, give credit where it is due! Great work, Mr T!

  14. Robert comments:

    This is the perfect template for a project I’m working on, so a big thanks from Buenos Aires. One question though (because my PHP skills are non-existant): I’m looking to add the “Posted by” get_author thing to the template, but can’t find the appropriate spot in index or single. Am I completely off track? Thanks again.

  15. thortz comments:

    Hi Robert – I’ve mailed you a suggestion re author names. Cheers.

  16. lindsay comments:

    Hey there, do like the look and feel of this theme alot, but we are ‘neophytes’ over here at Canadada, working without downloads, just zappin’ it in as we go…so, until we git a bit more savvy, we’ll just admire from a distance. Nice look. Good job. Will keep it in mind as we ‘build the empire’ …. Cheers, L

  17. Aqui_c comments:

    Great template!

    I would really like to d things as simple as this… Perhaps some day…

  18. ray comments:

    How are you handling downloads, ie. in first post?

    I’ve been looking for an add-on like you seem to be using and haven’t found a suitable one for WordPress.

    Looks good, ray

  19. thortz comments:

    Hi Ray – nothing fancy: I just uploaded it into the web root folder & built a link to it. Not really an issue for me, but I guess you might prefer some other system if you need to upload a lot from a web interface while on the move. How does the wp image upload system fare with objects that aren’t images?

  20. ray comments:

    That’s too simple … !!! Guess I should have guessed it would be, based on your themes theme. Thanks, saved me a bunch of time.r


  21. Guy Sie comments:

    @Ray: I’m using the Drain Hole plugin for download management, but that might be some extreme overkill for your uses.

  22. ray comments:

    It does look like more than I’m need for now but could be useful in future, thanks for the help.

  23. noodle comments:

    Hi Thortz,

    Just wanted to let you know that I recently upgraded my wordpress installation, and even though I am constantly looking at new templates, I have decided to stick with Skimmed Milk for its clean simple design.

  24. Alice comments:

    Heya, just letting you know I’m using the layout. I’m planning to make some changes but the basic layout is just what I’ve been looking for. It’s nice to have something to build on, rather than having to try to knock features off. Thanks loads for sharing this :)

  25. Walter Hutchens comments:

    Thanks for your work on this!

  26. Finalfire comments:

    Hey there, great nice work! I dunno if i already have replied this post 😀

  27. David Pettifor comments:

    I love this theme. One thing I’d like to do is move the sidebar to the right. How easy is this to do? I’d appreciate any help.

  28. thortz comments:

    Hi David

    I’m currently travelling in India at the moment and my head’s fairly emptied itself of css details. I would suggest simply trying to play with the style.css file to see if you can get the hang of it; the change shouldn’t be too difficult but as ever will probably require a fair bit of tweaking to knock out any quirks introduced. The file contains comments to help you out.

    Thanks to all for the positive comments.


  29. David Pettifor comments:

    Thanks Thortz, all sorted! 😀 Have a great time out there in India. :)

  30. Shy comments:

    An amazing theme, very nice job :-) . I’ve got 1 problem though but it seems like i’m the only one? I have problems using lightbox with this theme (

    I can’t give you a test url cause im working on my blog again but when I use lightbox the image pops up, but when I start scrolling I see some lines or double parts of the image in stead of only the image. It seems like the scrolling leaves a trial of the image on my screen if you know what i mean. I’ve tested other theme’s and didn’t have the problem there. Tried it with different browsers as well and all had the problem with this theme.

    But well, on the other side: if thats the only problem we can find :), this theme rules. Too bad I can’t use lightbox with it, cause that would have made it perfect. (now its 99% perfect, good enough though 😉 )

  31. lucy comments:

    hi, is it the theme that put the tiny smiley face at the bottom left of my blog?! ive been using the theme for a while now and only just noticed! awesome theme.

  32. Creature of Habit comments:

    I would like to use this for my blog… it possible to modify the code to have a custom header? (Sorry if that is a stupid question, I know nothing about CSS. I just want a minimal, plain theme).

  33. thortz comments:

    Hi, I’m back in the UK again but with little time for helping out here, so sorry but you’ll have to do your own changes & troubleshooting for a while.


    If you find any reasons for the clash please let me know.


    Your smiley face is generated by the little script you’ve added to your variant of my theme; I think its part of the wordpress stats plugin.


    Not a stupid question, changing the header is very possible: good luck :-)

  34. Shy comments:

    Thnx for your answer thortz,

    I’m not a pro coder… hardly an amature coder even ;-), so I’m afraid I won’t find a solution for the clash. That lightbox stuff is a bit of a hype anyway and I can easily live without it. Thnx for this wonderfull theme anyway. But if, by some miracle, i find the solution then I will post it here :).

    Good luck and nice job.

  35. Mads comments:

    Hi Thort

    I have translated Skimmed Milk to danish:



  36. thortz comments:

    Hi Mads

    That’s really cool! And thanks for sharing – I’ll add a link to you in the main post.


  37. Mike comments:

    Hi Thort

    Love the theme and wish to use it on my web site. Dont know anything about CSS etc so can you help with the following

    1. Making skimmed milk a three column template
    2. menus/links on the right side, posts toward the left hand side..



  38. thortz comments:

    Sorry, I don’t have time to write custom code for people. The changes you suggest would make a good project to help you learn some css though. You can see right hand menus with Skimmed Milk at

  39. Jens Hvass comments:

    Dear Thorz

    I first want to say that I am totally delighted with your Skimmed Milk theme. In January, when I started blogging, I spent some days searching for a theme, and coming across Skimmed Milk, immediately I knew this would be ‘my’ theme.

    You may feel that I violated the purity of the theme by including a lot of images and widening the main column to 600 pixel in order to accommodate for a huge bulk of images I have processed in that format through the years. But I am an image person, and with either 5:1 horizontal banner images or right aligned 180 pixel wide images with variable height, I feel I found a good illustration modus.

    A few days ago I encountered a small problem. Normally using IE7, I installed a Firefox browser, and here your Skimmed Milk Tag Cloud looks strange. Rather than a cloud, it is just a column of single words aligned left. Is it some general issue or is it something specific to my set-up/combination of plugins? I have no ability of CSS, so only change I made was the change of column width.

    Only aspect of Skimmed Milk where I cannot grasp your design, is the comments section. For a unity of design feeling, I should prefer comments text to be aligned left. Also I have been pondering on the use of the grey shade under the comments. Rather than the on-off-on-off zebra effect, would it be smart that the grey shade indicated when the author was answering? – or even better, that external comments had the grey shade while the post and your answers had the white bottom? Also if at any point you are reconsidering the design, I would consider taking away the slightly darker top & bottom line of the grey shading. It calls for attention where no intention is needed.

    Warm regards from Copenhagen,

  40. Nick comments:


    I’m in the process of starting a site for a bunch of creative friends to share inspiration they find on the net. I’d love to use Skimmed Milk …but do you know if there’s any way of displaying the author of each post?

    I appreciate you might not be able to explain in detail, i’d just like to know if it’s possible… and if so, do you know of anywhere i can find out how?

    Many thanks,


  41. glaydenty comments:

    u always make it simple and full of art bro, i like it.

  42. thortz comments:

    Hi Nick

    Adding authors isn’t difficult but you will have to make a change or two in the php files. The wordpress php function giving the author name is (in the right context) the_author(). So for instance you could make a start by changing the line in the skimmed_milk_post_title function in the file functions.php from

    <small><?php the_time(__('F jS, Y', 'skimmed')); ?></small>

    into something like

    <small>by <?php the_author(); ?> on <?php the_time(__('F jS, Y', 'skimmed')); ?></small>

    Read the wordpress docs for more info.

  43. Nick comments:

    Thanks, i’ll have a play and let you know when it goes live.


  44. Erwin comments:

    Thanks for the nice template. Using it with some minor changes, good stuff. :)

  45. Dmitri comments:

    It would be great, but the orange is really annoying!

  46. Mackie Images comments:

    Thanks for creating a great template. Question: how do we modify settings so text wraps images? I looked at the style sheet but wasn’t sure what to change.


  47. thortz comments:

    Mackie – as far as I remember you can add class=”alignleft” to your img tags in the code view (or class=”alignright”) when you are writing a post. If you want all images to show this behviour then alter the img entry in the css file.

    Dmitri – if you don’t like the colours they’re the easiest to change.

  48. Mackie Images comments:

    Thanks Thortz. Noticed there is an update for WordPress to 2.6. Will this have any impact on Skimmed Milk?

  49. thortz comments:

    No problems reported so far but I don’t know for sure; I’ll probably update this site some time next week.

  50. Mark comments:

    Thortz, Love the theme but it doesn’t seem to work properly with 2.6. I installed it on 2.6 and when I go to Design->Themes and click on it, it’s supposed to give a preview (which it does) of your site with the new theme. However, it’s totally blank (all white). I haven’t activated it as I was a bit nervious I would not get it back properly. Any ideas? Thanks again.

  51. thortz comments:

    Thanks for letting me know, Mark. I’ll try to find time to tackle 2.6 tomorrow. I can’t imagine that switching in the theme will damage anything though – the admin system always uses its own look, so you won’t lose control to switch back even if everything seems to disappear.

  52. Mark comments:

    Thortz, Took your advise and gave it a try. It seems to work just fine (only the preview didn’t). I’ll test out the features and let you know if I find anything.

  53. thortz comments:

    OK, I’ve upgraded here to 2.6 and can see the blank preview problem. If anyone knows of any other issues that need fixing, now, while I’m tinkering, is a good time to let me know. Ta

  54. thortz comments:

    Jeepers, that was seriously confusing! I set up a copy of SM on my local machine and made a few small changes to try to fix the preview problem. Amazingly it worked first time. So I started undoing the changes to find the individual culprit, but I was able to undo ALL the changes and it still worked.

    So I ended up with two identical folders, one, called skimmedtest which reliably previewed & one called skimmedmilk1.2 which showed blank! Of course I checked and rechecked the contents and file permissions and invisible/hidden files to find a difference.

    Finally I realised that it’s the folder name itself. Seems there’a a bug in WP2.6 so that it can’t cope with a dot in the theme directory name.

    So if you want to fix the previewing problem just change the folder name to skimmedmilk12 or skimmedmilk or whatever you like. But be sure to reselect the theme in the wordpress admin system or your site might be left blank (due to the theme folder failing to be found under its old name).

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  57. emil comments:

    Hi there,

    great theme, any plans to make it work with 2.7 (not that I know if it doesnt, but just in case)?

    – Emil

  58. thortz comments:

    I doubt that WordPress would do anything so drastic so as to stop this simple theme working, but I’m happy to do a few tweaks if required.

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  62. shai comments:

    thank you for this theme. i’m using it happily with just one mysterious problem though . all visited links are getting their own blue color here. not sure why. im far from being a coder, but i looked at the stylesheet and found only one line that referred to “visited links” and changed it to orange. no avail .
    any idea?
    thank you so much

  63. thortz comments:

    Hi Shai

    On a quick scan it seems that your Vimeo widget is the culprit, setting the colour to 3A75C4. Search the source of your front page for this string or for Vimeo. Try changing the line that starts

    .vimeoBadge a:link, a:visited, a:active…

    to start

    .vimeoBadge a:link, .vimeoBadge a:visited, .vimeoBadge a:active…

    In other words I think its currently overriding the general a.visited setting, not just the one for the .vimeoBadge chunks. This alteration should keep it in its place.


  64. shai comments:

    genius! thank you

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  66. Loz comments:

    I tried installing Skimmed Milk 1.2 on my site, to replace (a modified version of) White As Milk, but I seem to be having trouble… First of all I couldn’t seem to log out (!), then when I tried another machine I noticed there was no link to a page to log in (!!). I’m new to CSS / PHP so I’m not sure what to do to correct this, can you help?
    Cheers, Loz

  67. Loz comments:

    Ah I found it! Hadn’t thought to look under “widgets”…
    Thanks for the theme :-)

  68. thortz comments:

    I’ve updated this site to WordPress 2.7.1 & the theme seems to work with it fine so far.

    Loz – there’s a log out button in the extra line of the footer (at the bottom of the page) that appears only when you’re logged in.


  69. Chris Nizzi comments:

    Hello thortz

    Congratulations on a great theme. I have adapted it to our needs but kept the essence of skimmedmilk and it works really well. I’ve just upgraded this evening to wp 2.7.1 without any issues, everything works as it should.

    A credit to you. A really nice job!

    Kind regards Chris.

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  71. nippy comments:

    Thanks for this. With so many wordpress themes overloading on the eye candy it’s good to find this one – class!

  72. Steve Vosloo comments:

    Hi Thortz,

    I love the theme and am busy using it to build my personal site. One issue I’m having is the order of the PAGES on the left sidebar. The order is defaulting to alphabetical and I can’t change it to order on “menu_order”. I tried updating sidebar.php with:

    … php wp_list_pages(‘sort_column=menu_order …

    But no luck. It looks like my changes only get run if dynamic_sidebar() can’t build widgets.

    Please help :-)


    The file

  73. Steve Vosloo comments:

    I found it — it’s a setting in the widgets page. Thanks :-)

  74. Christian comments:

    Hi Thortz,

    just installed Skimmed Milk 1.2 on a brand new install of WordPress 2.7.1

    The calendar widget(s) is causing a vertical scrollbar to appear at the bottom of the sidebar. The text displaying the current month is way off to the right. It seems I was able to fix this by removing ‘width: 100%;’ from ‘#wp-calendar caption’

    Feel free to have a look at it. At least the scrollbar went poof when I removed the 100% width from the CSS.

    By the way, great looking theme. Cheers!

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  77. shai comments:

    hi again!
    i wonder , how to avoid scroll bar on a page. i guess i have exceeded the length and not sure what should be tweaked to allow it be longer.
    this is where it occurs
    thanks a lot for keeping the support on this theme!

  78. thortz comments:

    Hi Shai

    These inner scroll bars shouldn’t be appearing – there’s no length limit (though there is one for width) so I suspect there’s something odd in the markup.

    I think the problem might possibly be because the links around the images are all unclosed; they each have an opening a href=.. tag but no closing one.


  79. thortz comments:

    Oops – ignore that last para. Am somewhat hungover. Not sure why you’re getting the scrolls.

  80. rauchmelder comments:

    Hi thortz,

    found your nice and clear whiteasmilk adaption and this is all what i need.

    Thx for that.

    But i have some Questions:

    What is with the Scrollbar in IE? I have this too only in IE.

    How I can integrate WP-PageNavi? Where in the Code comes the Snippet?

    At Last:

    Plan you a new Version of this very nice Theme?

  81. rauchmelder comments:

    please give little anwsers.

    How can see the Author in the Metadatabar under the Posts?

  82. Patrick D. comments:

    I’m thinking of switching to this theme. I love White As Milk, but it hasn’t updated in years and it makes me worry about its freshness.

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